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Finally, Hello World!

Before entering every new year, starting to write my blog is always included to my new year resolutions. However,  I never achieved this life changing activity.  Therefore, this year I took a different approach. I have started this blog right now, in this very moment. 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 

Chinese Proverb

So, I am about to test this Chinese proverb. The power of now!

Who this?

I am Erdi and working as a Software Engineer at mgm technology partners
GmbH. My daily work mostly involves enterprise Java practices which I like as a daily job. However, I have studied Game Development and Computer Graphics.

During my studies, I have discovered that the game development is an hobby for me. I really love it but I don’t want to do it full-time. So, I chose to work as a software engineer instead of a game developer. This doesn’t make sense for some of my friends and they find this so ridiculous. They may be quite right but I think full-time game development is quite stressful and I don’t think that I can handle that stress in my everyday life.

Regardless of what I do as a daily job, I am still working on my mobile game in my so-called free times. The progress is slow but I am happy about the outcome. I will soon reveal more information about my game. 

What will be in the blog?

My knowledge regarding the Unity game engine, is quite intermediate. I even did my master’s thesis about creating a plugin for Unity game engine. So, mainly I am planning to focus on good Unity game engine practices blended with clean C# programming.

I don’t really have an agenda for now, but I will be inspired from my weekly problems. I will introduce good practices from the enterprise Java world to the game development with Unity. You will also find good examples for design patterns, or good practices like dependency injection. We will see it all together. 

In addition to programming posts, I also would like to share my opinion on different products that I have tried from the asset store or outside of it. However, the blog will be heavily about Unity and C#. 

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So, wish me luck to be keen on writing new posts. 

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Hello World! (Not WordPress’ auto post)

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