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Don’t Buy Before You Read This! “AitThemes Review”3 min read

I am writing this because I can’t go back to months ago and warn myself. So maybe, this post can give an idea to someone who is about to buy AitThemes membership.

Affinity Information Technology, as short Ait, is a company who has been developing themes and plugins for WordPress. They are mostly focusing on multilingual & directory WordPress themes. However, they have other type of themes such as personal, portfolio and magazine.

It is worth to mention that I am writing this post as a person who has already bought “full membership” from them. There was a countdown sale promotion on their homepage. I didn’t want to miss that opportunity as an interested customer and bought it in 3 days after I found them. However, that countdown has never ended. So I could actually buy the full membership for the same price even after that 3 days. So, if you see a countdown on the homepage, don’t worry! You can take risk and do some good research before buying it.

A countdown is a working selling strategy on me, I accept it.

My story

I was interested in their multi author theme which people can register and write their own blog posts.

Frustration actually starts from the registration form. There is a simple CAPTCHA support which can be passed through with simple hacks. This is like an umbrella with holes. It is a good product but you still need to fix it before using it.

The CAPTCHA which comes with the theme 

I had to integrate Google’s CAPTCHA service. It wasn’t that easy because their code base was not understandable nor readable easily. Some scripts are just bad and undocumented. 

I wanted that the users would be able add a “Portfolio” element and customize their profile page using the Easy Admin plugin. However, this theme does not support most of the valuable page elements including “Portfolio” from their elements toolkit. So, this requirement also needed further development outside of their drag and drop engine. I have spent like a month for custom development. Then the theme became really unstable and I stopped enjoying it. I have paid 99$ for this and done maybe 120 hours of development.

The questions I have asked before buying the theme
..and this was the response. Unfortunately I took this as “yes Portfolio is supported by the theme”, My mistake.

As a last point, I want to mention updates. It is actually nice to get an email and see that your theme is updated. Then in the release notes,  that excitement is lost. In the last 10 months, no updates have actually impressed me. Except the GDPR update, I didn’t even bother to update my project.


I must say that, the product can be better if they can have a unified approach that all the themes are supporting all the elements. Otherwise, full membership loses it is attraction. 

To conclude, if you are into a non-directory theme, I don’t really advice it. You can find some other nicely documented theme for a better price. If you are into a directory theme. Go for it but be patient. Spend time with the demo version on your localhost for a while. Then if it really covers your need, you can buy it. 

My membership is ending on 2019-01-11. If someone want to buy full-membership before that date, I can transfer my membership for free since I will not continue to do my project.

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