Argh! It was so busy these days. I was struggling with computer graphics things like BRDF, image-based lighting, BSSRDF, spherical harmonics and real-time rendering techniques. At the end of that, I feel pretty confident while I’m talking about these things.


I saw that my application PikaPi TV has a consistent download rate and I am guessing in this week, I will reach to the 1000 download which is something nice because I wasn’t really hoping this. So I decided to make another update. PikaPi TV provides Youtube videos and Twitch streams for now but I want to add Twitter and Reddit feeds.


This week I also got an email about Native Ads from Admob. It seems pretty interesting because I really hate putting lots of ads and ruining the experience. Native Ads look like a part of the application and I always thought that providing good and relevant ads could be a very good service without ruining anything. So this is what I have planned for the next update.


Aside from that, I am working on two game project one is on IOS natively, one is with Unity engine. I am struggling with the graphics but I will make a nice art style. Yes, I can also draw! haha.


While I am doing these things, I also finished the “Life is Strange”. It had two endings and was great. I really satisfied at the end. I guess I really like these time rewinding things. I am planning to play Bride this week.


I started to watch Blacklist and my favorite movie was “The Man from Earth”. It was great and I don’t know how I’ve skipped it until now. Plus I finished the book of Bukowski named “Notes of a Dirty Old Man”. The last stories were great.


Next week, I will work on ios game, finish the most of the assets for my 2.5D maze game, create a parser for twitter, learn much more about the design patterns.


See you soon!


An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way. Charles Bukowski

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