Hello again. I know this is a late update but it is still an update. We had the first Sprint Planning Meeting on last Monday. If I need to define it with one short sentence, it would be that Sprint planning was hard. Splitting all the stories out is not easy as we had thought before.

Anyway, our product owner has a list of story points that are already prioritized for the team. Backlog grooming’s been included to this meeting so that we can use the time efficiently. We had already read the story points before we have come there. After a while, It was the time we were going to estimate efforts.

A small part of our prioritized backlogs

A small part of our prioritized backlogs

What does the process of estimation look like? I had some ideas before the meeting. We have used Fibonacci Estimation technique. Our Scrum Master’s wanted us to choose a reference story. It was going to be “1” which means minimal effort. The story pointed as ‘1’ is the reference for the other work. We evaluate the other stories according to that ‘1’.

After choosing the reference point, the next thing was “Planning Poker”. Planning Poker is a simple technique for estimating backlogs. We read a story point and guess how much effort we are going to spend for it. We have had the numbers card which are 1-2-3-5-8-13. Using these cards is useful to move simultaneously. If you want to find out more about Planning Poker, click here (Wikipedia).

Planning Poker

Planning Poker time with cheerful faces

When we conflicted on guessing estimation, all the team members spoke out why he/she set that number to the story. With this way, sometimes we realize the things we couldn’t think before. So It is more than beneficial. By finishing the estimation process, product owner has attempted to leave the meeting due to her lack of time. We’ve tried to convince her to stay for defining the first sprints work. Somehow, we agreed on first 8 backlogs on the list.

After that part, we’ve split all the large product backlog items ( PBI ) out and repeated until they finally seem small. Every team member has assigned herself/himself to the items. I don’t know but I feel very safe at that time. Because everybody looked sure and no one got a work that he/she can’t do.

How a scrum team can organized in Trello.

How a scrum team can organized in Trello.

This is the end of the post. I’m planning to write about daily meetings for the next post. If you haven’t read the first post click here.

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