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Adding the Daily Meetings into your life is a bit difficult.  But before the everything else, I want to say that agile is working. It’s really working. As you can read from here, It’s been three weeks since we started to first sprint. We give away one week to get used to each other. Just in two weeks, we’ve made a website that have lots of functionalists which product owner expects from us. Here is the last built our project;

AgileSparrowTv Main Page

AgileSparrow TV Main Page

Actually we didn’t expect a fast process, so that it was surprising for the team. We saw the benefits of the Scrum with this way and I’m sure this isn’t the maximum. As you may know, most of the company modifies the Scrum’s rules in the industry and doesn’t get the most of the benefits of scrum. We are not a company, but we had the same issues with the them. Due to intensity of our daily lives, we can’t make the daily meetings in the morning. Actually our daily meeting time is 9.45 P.M. I know it’s like a joke but it’s still working.

As you might know the three questions of the daily tomorrow;

  • What will you complete today?
  • What have you completed tomorrow?
  • What impediments you have?

We modified these question according to our daily meeting time that’s why we answering the questions;

  • What will you complete tomorrow?
  • What have you completed today?
  • What impediments you have?

Answering these questions doesn’t create a transparency between us, I think, the real thing was the frequent communication but not distractedly. The team members adjust themselves and gain a velocity. I don’t mean it isn’t necessary, it is really essential to make these meetings to stay highly cohesive. Unfortunately, another group has just stopped to make these meetings and they lost the communication.

We are making our daily meetings on Skype. We have never finished  a meeting in 15 minutes at the first week, but now, we are more steady. Our meetings last 15-20 minutes and it is more useful than the meetings last 40 minutes. Here is a frame from our last meeting ;

A photo from our last daily scrum meetings

A photo from our last daily scrum meetings

Our product owner tries to join our daily meetings, so we have chance to get feedback about the last built. I think this is one of the major factors that reduces the risk. At the same time, we are trying to apply a Test-Driven approach. Without testing process is done, we couldn’t carry the task to the “Completed” section on the Trello.

I will continue to these posts to share my experiences on AgileSparrow Training Program. I will write about the next retrospective meeting. If you have any question, leave a comment please.

Have a nice daily life..
Have a nice daily meetings..

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