First things first, I want to thank all the mentors and supporters of this program. Agile Sparrow is a training program that prepares the 4th class students and graduates to the agile world. As you may realized, Agile is a hot topic in these days. Almost every job posting includes small or big parts from agile methodologies somehow. Agile is an umbrella term and you can put lots of thing under that umbrella. So we’ll just apply Scrum in this program.

I read once a tweet from probably Scrum-Alliance and it says “Scrum is like the chess. The rules are open but you need to experience it.” I think this is tremendously right. If we want to be a nice scrum player, we have to experience it as much as possible. Agile Sparrow provides that chance to us. They chose 15 people from the three big cities of Turkey – 5 for every city. These three groups defined their projects in order to apply scrum on them. After completing this program, the participants will get a certificate which is so valuable. You can reach all the details of the program from here.

We have made a preparation meeting last week and talked about the process that we’ll follow. I guess, defining a common schedule is a key factor of the scrum. All the team focus on the team. Everything sounds easy, because everything means the team and collaborating.


A precious frame from precious people – Our first meeting. –

This program lasts 6 months and that’s why we have two projects. Our first project is Agile Sparrow TV. This is going to be the media part of the Agile Sparrow. As a participant of the first Agile Sparrow, I want Agile Sparrow to become a brand. Agile Sparrow TV is going to help it somehow.

Our prioritized BackLogs are ready and we will plan the first sprint today. I mean this is going to be our “Sprint Planning Meeting”. I am going to write the second post after that meeting. This is going to be a beneficial post series for the people curious about Agile Sparrow.

Don't be selfish guys, let people know!


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